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A list of my past, present and future projects that are I am working to bring from conceptualization to fruition. These are my own personal ideas/concepts/explorations, so their realization holds a special place in my heart.

FOR A CANADIAN (1)_edited.jpg

My very first


Pre-Production Phase

After developing the play FOR A CANADIAN through Capitol Theatre Port Hope's Creator's Unit, I am pursuing developing my own film iteration of the story.


I am currently seeking partnerships and funding to realize this project. 


M.I.A. (Television Series)

Screenplay Development Phase

After addiction had torn them apart years prior, a daughter runs away from home, embarking on a quirky coming-of-age adventure across Canada in search of her lost father.


Meanwhile, on the other coast, he begins his road to recovery to reconnect with her. 

TYI Final.png

TYA: Theatre For Young Audiences (Television Series)

Screenplay Development Phase

Some actors achieve heights of television or movie stardom, or grace the stage on Broadway, even a select few are iconic characters in beloved commercials. Well, this is isn't about any of them. 


This comedy series is about the bottom-of-the-barrel actors with big dreams and even bigger personal issues, as they tour the children's theatre show "Lil' Red" and try not to kill each other in the process. 

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