As an artist, I know that each service I provide tends to be different from the one before, since each creative project is unique! It's one of the many things I love about my job! Because of this, I find it is best to learn bit more about what exactly you are looking for before I send you a quote on any particular service. 

I have organized the services that I provide into the sections below:

"My experience working with Marc had shown me that he is an artist that doesn’t only do the work, but commits to the project and takes ownership of their goals and needs. He helped my process by challenging my perspective on male characters and not just brought his acting skills to play and explore my work, but also his writing skills to improve dialogue and help me develop the male point of view in a deeper way. It was a pleasure working with someone so committed to help and support new work and who allows you to create a collaborative space full of ideas and playfulness! He challenges you as a director, creator and actor! Great member to have as part of a new theatre piece!

- MariFer Douglas

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