• Marc Ludwig

THE LAST STAR... my first play

Several years ago while binge watching CrashCourse on astronomy hosted by the enthusiastic Phil Plait; it was on the expansion and entropy of the universe, I was struck by the concept of the dying universe as it cooled and expanded. I imagined looking up in a starless sky and it got me wondering what it might be like to live a life knowing the universe was coming to an end and the height of human civilization was behind you.

There's something beautiful and melancholic about seeing the universe's version of a sunset.

For years it sat as several half-written scripts in my Google Drive, each a slightly different take on the story but they all were tragedies at heart. And as a result they all felt hopeless, one-note, and depressing to write. I could only imagine what it would be like to watch. So I set the idea on the back burner for a time.

Then it hit me. And I began write. I needed contrast between the depressing setting, so I began developing zany, cartoonish characters to inhabit this world. Each would inhabit a human archetype, and would see the world in a unique way. I would lean into the absurd and the comedy instead, and it felt right. It reminded me of a clown turn in the way each scene was rigidly structured, so I thought what if the entire show felt structured in that way as well?

A blessing in disguise were the limitations as well. I wanted a compact show, that could travel easily, so I could open myself to Fringe Festivals around the world. Therefore, a combination of pre-recorded scenes with live ones and the ability to adapt it into a Zoom experience in the meantime was a must, because.... pandemic. Most of all at its heart it needed to be interactive, because that is the theatre I live for.

It became a Game Show, set at the end of the universe, wherein out of six characters only one will survive till the end of the show and the audience will vote who dies at the end of each round.

I'm so proud of the script thus far. And cannot wait to share it with an audience. Stay tuned for more info!

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