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Marc Rico Ludwig is an accomplished actor with over a decade of experience in live theatre. He earned his BFA in Acting from the University of Alberta in 2017 and has since performed in numerous productions across Canada. Notable performances include the Alberta Opera's Jack and The Beanstalk as The Giant, Grindstone Theatre's Urinetown as Officer Barrel, he has starred in Colleen Murphy's world premiere of I Hope My Heart Burns First (formerly Bright Burning), and as Ash in Mansfield Entertainment's Evil Dead the Musical. He has performed at various festivals including The Edmonton Fringe, Nextfest, New Works and Ignite. Furthermore, Marc is a comedy veteran and was a regular performer in The 11 'O Clock Number (a weekly long-form musical improv show), wrote and directed for Blackout Sketch Comedy, and co-founded Impulse Improv, a Peterborough-based improv troupe.

Since moving to Ontario and venturing into film and voice acting, Marc has taken Toronto by storm, starring in a whopping 9 short films from 2022-2023 - such as Forced Friendships (Best Comedy at the LAFA 2022), The Bored Room (Best Comedy at the LAFA 2023), SCOOPS (2023), NOW PLAYING (2023), Last Call (2023 pre-production), 10 000 Days (2023 pre-production), and Maybe I Am The Villain (2023 pre-production). He continues to expand his experience in Toronto's vibrant film industry, landing a role in Somebody Knows Something (available on Prime), and several commercial roles seen on various networks (Kraft Heinz, Breezecome, Rise of Kingdoms).  His versatility shines through his craft, from comedy to horror as principle characters in various feature films like The Lurker (2023), Switched At Death (2023), and MurderFest (2023).  Amidst all of that, Marc has also performed in many audio-productions, as Detective Silver in Darkstead (2022), the Narrator in Tales of The Wasted West (2022), Liam in Mount Oblivion (2021), Good-Looking Guy in Sketchcast (2022), a variety of lead characters for Twisted Tales Of Murder And Madness (2022-2023), and in short films as Trailer Voice in That's A Wrap (2019).

When not performing, Marc is a writer and is involved in the creative development of new work across Canada. He is a member of the Canada Playwrights Guild. Some of the new work he was involved with include Colleen Murphy's Bright Burning, In Arms Theatre's Harun by Makram Ayache and Theatre Terrific's In-TEA-Macy by Marifer Douglas. He is a member of Capitol Theatre Port Hope's 2023 Creator Unit, and is developing his own script: A Canadian For A Canadian, which will be read publicly in the fall. 

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